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Saturday, October 25, 2008

The Woman known as Sasha Fierce

So I have decided after reading about Beyonce's new name that I want a new name for my alter ego. Just so we are all on the same page an alter ego (Latin, "the other I") is a second self, a second personality or persona within a person. A person with an alter ego is said to lead a double life. Now I read the article and was laughing the whole but as I was running today (Candice and I normally spend Saturday's running together but she had a sign to make-so please blame this thought process on her) I started to think about what the name should be.

I must first determine what my "ego" is all about. I mean there are so many questions to answer to truly define what my alter ego is. Does anyone have any suggestions? I would love to be able to name this other person, so far I have come up with Beatrice Fierce but that just isn't creative enough. I think I should keep the Fierce part but maybe not. If only my alter ego was writing this post she would surely be able to think of something great.

Our Trip to Santa Barbara

Last week Jacob had a business meeting in Santa Barbara and he took us along for the adventure. Talia and I enjoyed an awesome (yet overly priced) meal at the hotel restaurant, we visited the beach and watched Alladin. Tristan was asleep for the meal and Alladin but he and I spent some quality time together watching the dolphins as they swam by the hotel.

Talia certainly has an extreme fondness for "computers" (see third picture) and she and Tristan both enjoyed the change of scenery. The bathtub spout shot out a stream of water in the center of the tub and it was surrounded by tiles that formed a sun. Talia was of course in the bathtub forever.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Goddess??

Jacob sent this link to me and I thought it might be interesting to see what everyone thought their own daughter(s) might rank according to the report. I am pretty sure Talia would not have made it past the night with the heads of sacrificed animals, still one can never tell with her.

Check it out and report. I will tally a list and keep the results so that we can crown a goddess....

Thursday, October 2, 2008

I love PBS

After being home so many mornings and relying on PBS I feel as though I need to do a shout out. I discussed this topic at a Sunday dinner with my Aunt Dayna and felt that the topic needed more airing out. Whenever there is nothing on TV there is always PBS. I don't have cable; I mean really with the Internet who needs it (Okay sometimes it would be nice but I would much rather have the $50 than too many channels) but I have watched some seriously great programs as of late and am a more informed person because of it. First was the National Geographic special: Stress: Portrait of a Killer. This brain scientist\professor from Stanford has completed a 30 year study on a family of gorillas and has determined that stress can actually cause a person\gorilla brain to die. Long story short the monkeys (I realize that monkeys and gorillas are not the same thing but I can't remember which that he studied) ended up losing 40 or so monkeys who ate tuberculosis tainted meat and the monkeys that ended up dying were the ones who were arrogant troublemaker males (i.e. ones who didn't play well with others -didn't handle stress well). I am really not giving this guys research justice just try and catch the program and simplify your life if you want to live long and prosper.

On a totally other spectrum is this new show called Sid the Science Kid. He walks around with this microphone and researches his questions. He even applauds himself. I think I love the show best because the kid reminds me off Talia.

My point in this lengthy entry is that I appreciate all those people who support it; I watch but have never actually pledged money. I have decided that I need to start. Now all I have to do is wait until that Suze Ormond thing comes on again so I can pledge and get that cool women finance thing for Aunt Dayna.

Up Too Late...Another excuse for not updating

I love my Tristan but sometimes he keeps us up just a bit too late. I usually wake him up for his last feeding around 11:00pm and he falls asleep around 12:00am. Well this night he didn't feel like sleeping he felt like telling mom and dad to jump off a cliff. Luckily it was a weekend night so Jacob was up to keep me company. Still once he went to bed (around 1:30) I got to sleep until 7:00am. Totally worth it.

Back in the Saddle Again

You know I thought I would be super good at doing this once a week but it was not to be. Hopefully I won't be silent for as long as I was this time ever again. I think my mind was dead and couldn't compute with a computer. I mean after spending so much time on computers at school one would assume that I would have no problem; sometimes I think Talia and Tristan didn't feel like blogging and so we all found other things to occupy our time. To play catch up though....
Talia had her third birthday and man was it exciting. That little girl was on top of the world and shooting off to the moon. My mom made this amazing Mystery Machine cake (see my parents blog for all the pictures) and Talia was shaking she was so excited. We had family over to Jacob's parents' house and ate delicious Plumberry's pizza (our favorite). It so loaded with cheese Talia can actually get full off of a couple of pieces. Usually she likes to eat the cheese off and then asks for another piece but we make her eat the rest of it. For some reason she enjoys eating it flat against her face instead of the "regular" way and it ends up all over her but eaten. Since it was her birthday we indulged her and let her have just the cheese. Man are we nice or what? She recieved a ton of fabulous gifts: her top 3 have been her Mystery Man (I wish there was some way for me to write it out so you can hear how she says it, it starts out low and she says it really fast), her packpack (in plain English Back pack-she put that one on immediately and wanted to go to school), and her "thingy". Now before you become confused that is a feather boa that Aunt Amy got her.