The Good Life

Bakersfield, California
One Jacob and One Nicole plus a Talia, a Tristan and a Tyler

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Talia's First Shiner and My Little Fairy Princess

Talia was playing in a rubbermaid container named the "nest" and as she stood up, she whacked herself in the eye on the coffee table. I didn't even realize it was that bad (I mean she cried and everything but she is emotional anyways) until after bath time that night. She calls it her makeup and is quite pleased about the magical purple and pink colors. It doesn't really look that bad in the pictures but if you look at the last photo up top and note that both her eyes should be opened like her left eye you get a better idea.
My Tristan has been having a splendid time too. He brought me this fancy outfit and put it in my hand. I said thank you and he growled at me indicating that he wanted it on. He did this little feet dance as a I put it on and wandered about the backyard and the house for an hour enjoying his time as a fairy princess. He did this super sweet dance on the counter (the start of it is the middle picture with his back to the camera) and probably wouldn't have taken it off but I didn't want to get his dinner on it- Talia would not have been pleased.