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Bakersfield, California
One Jacob and One Nicole plus a Talia, a Tristan and a Tyler

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Lobster Mac and Cheese and Other Fancy Things

Have you ever read those Fancy Nancy books? If not check them out; if so you will have an almost perfect picture of my daughter Talia. She is my fancy girl and I aspire to be fancy just like her. This past month has been a big one for her and our family. She started kindergarten and even though she said it was only "sort of fun" she made it through the day and I did too.
She is pictured here before leaving to school (brother has his backpack too).
Tristan cried but that is because his favorite person to pick on\play with\follow around would be present in our home only half the time. He has quickly figured out that he gets full run of the TV and selection of Scooby Doo episodes without the helpful hints from Talia and is settling in nicely.Other fancy things that have been occurring include Tristan taking his first ride in a power wheel courtesy of my friend Maren's cool toys. He could not figure out how to make the miniature John Deere Gator reverse so every time he would run into things he would honk the horn and wait for it to move. Patio posts don't move, nor do play structures so it ended up being a funny thing to watch.
Tyler, my darling dragonfly, is just fancy because she is beautiful. She smiles just because which makes life in general seem fancy. She is pictured here in her fancy bathing suit.

We are still working on Jacob being fancy. Talia did tell him yesterday that he wasn't as "pretty as Justin Beiber" so I think he is going to try and up his game.

I feel the fanciest of all because I conquered Lobster Mac and Cheese. We had Wayne and Sheryl over for a late birthday celebration for Wayne and I decided that the Barefoot Contessa couldn't be lying about the deliciousness of this dish. Luckily Candice came to play that day because the start of my day was not going so fancy. I not only forgot my Talia at the bus (it was an early out and I didn't realize it) but I was stung by a bee. Candice's arrival saved me from under destruction; I was able to wipe away my tears and enjoy Sleeping beauty while making chocolate chip cookies. My fanciness reappeared and the dish was completed and let me tell you it was super fancy. We followed it up with homemade ice cream sandwiches and rippeted to bed- all in all a fancy end to a fancy day.