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Thursday, January 28, 2010

My $50 bills won't fit into my wallet and my diamond shoes are too small!

You know how things seem terrible even when they are actually good? If not maybe you are lucky (or in denial). Either way that pretty much describes my life for the past couple of months. I have been doing my best to get through the first 5 months of pregnancy and depending on who you ask you will most likely get a rating. I literally spent 2 months wandering around not eating, and hoping that Tristan and Talia would forget that I was being a crappy mom. On that note I realize how lucky I am. Even though I have been sicker than a dog (no not morning sickness, all day sickness where even water tastes like something I won't mention) I realize that I am blessed. So lets talk about blessings.
First people who are kind even when I am crazy: Friends and Family you know who you are. Were talking people bringing food, mopping my floors, taking my children so I can sleep, being super nice when I complain too much or am a bit too blunt because I am having a hard time concentrating and so on. Second my children: Tristan and Talia have made me laugh so many times these past few months. Tristan loves to wear hats and wander around the house pretending he is going somewhere. We are talking hats like Talia's newborn cap that barely covers his noggin and makes him look like a Jewish man. He always blows me a kiss, waves and says "Bye". Talia on the other hand (seriously God new I needed comic relief when he sent me her) plays the most outrageous games. Lately, she has been pretending to be a mermaid and will lay on the ground with her ankles crossed because "Ursula" stole her voice and her legs. She flops about trying to move from place to place and even gets tied up in seaweed that I have to untangle her from.
Now there are many other blessings but I don't need to go on for hours, although Jacob is getting really good at ignoring my continued disgust with doing dishes and just unloads and reloads the dishwasher. Basically, we should all reassess and remember that there is always a silver lining and even if nausea rules ones life being unable to eat milk products means I may not gain 60 pounds during this pregnancy. Wouldn't that be awesome?

Side Note: I stole my title from a line in a Friends episode but I think it really eclipses my point.

Side Note 2: Pictures of my children in various activities