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Monday, September 7, 2009

Late but still GREAT!!!

So I am not going to win any special awards or anything for prompt posting but Tristan's First Birthday occurred in July and I wanted to share the pictures. Aside from some minor set backs like the cake melting en route and me being indecisive about the positioning of the tables (I am almost positive that if Candice had a gun to go with her super sweet costume she would have used it on me- and rightly so) everything turned out wonderful.

The party was a jungle theme and Tristan was dressed as a monkey\bear, depending on who one was asking. Talia was a peacock and I was a Toucan. The hot weather only took a few prisoners and by the end of the party Tristan was still going strong. He is pictured above with his cake and also with one of his new toys. He loves the truck and scoots about the house in it pushing the sound buttons.

I think my favorite moment of the whole day was showing up with the melting cake only to be greeted by a full mariachi band unloading for the party that was occurring next door. I mean who doesn't love mariachi music for a one year old birthday party?

Side note: Candice decorated the cake and I must say it turned out fabulous!!! She is always there to help me make everything extra magnificent and I love her for it.