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Monday, March 30, 2009

Growing Up to be Like Mom and Dad...

You know when you are young and naive and promise yourself how your life is going to be? I made a lot of interesting plans like for instance I planned to visit every country before I was 50 (hasn't happened but I still have tons of time-I have been to Mexico so cross that one off) or learn how to ride a skateboard and be able to competently ride to locations without mauling my face (still in progress). I also had several things on my list from my childhood experiences with my parents. They are wonderful people but there were certain things they would do when I was young that would drive me crazy. Well kick me in the leg and call me Linda\Marc because I went and committed one of the worst ones. I put Talia to bed last night and then proceeded to make dessert. My parents used to send Candice and I to bed and we would be lying in bed and the popcorn maker would go on. Man we used to get so burnt about it. I remember being in my dark room and at 7 years old promising myself that I would never do such a mean thing to my kid. I mean come on it is the loudest dessert you can have. It is not like you can hide the sound of the blender or the popcorn maker (they used to make milkshakes without us too-I am getting ticked off again just remembering the unjust nature of it all) and last night in my pursuit of a good treat after a long day of entertaining my children I flipped that loud ole' popcorn maker on and I knew that Talia could hear it in her bed. Am I a jerk or what? I didn't even feel any guilt about it as I added my Ghiradelli milk chocolate chips to the warm popped corn.

I guess the morale of the story is parents have a hard job and deserve their uninterrupted treats. And there should be things that our kids don't get that we do. To my mom and dad I hope you enjoyed your treats because you earned them. And I will be removing "Never leave my kids out of dessert" from my life long list of things to do.
P.S. Here are some pictures of my children enjoying their desserts (Tristan eating food off the floor and Talia after eating a Popsicle).

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Party Socks

For any one who has met Talia this might be a little redundant of a post, but I had to comment on this obsession of my daughter's. Talia loves having adventures, tying people up and seeing her friends (by the way I like many am her best friend). She also loves collecting things and putting them into socks. Now I don't why she does it, I only know that she calls it her party socks and carries which ever sock she is most inclined to care about that day around as such. She has become a little fanatical about it because I keep finding random socks throughout my house filled with items. Not to mention the fact that these hijacked socks are usually without their mate which means I folded laundry and some of my socks in my sock pile wandered away-hmmm.
The following is the collection of socks I found today to prove to you all that according to Talia, party socks although not wearable are great accessories. It can be worn over the shoulder or just in ones hand:

Items in sock (interestingly some days there are many more items stuffed into socks):