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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Some Days Your the Dog; Some Days You're the Hydrant-Anonymous

So I have a new hair-do and my sweet daughter told me exactly how she felt about it-"I don't like your hair like that." I felt like I was in the Green Eggs and Ham book. "I will not like you hair here or there, I will not like it anywhere..." what a turd. Sometimes honesty really hurts. On the flip side she is totally wrong my hair looks fabulous. I loved my long hair but did not love the pregnancy long hair that I was sporting. Okay totally off topic but my son is so cute. I had to post this picture just to remind everyone that he is.

I visited a hospital yesterday and today which meant that I was entering the Twilight Zone. I feel as though hospitals hate me. The staff does their best but I always seem to get the rotten end of the stick. I had to get the Rhogam shot but to do so you have to have your blood tested first. The lab lady said come any time so I did. Unfortunately when only one lab person is in the lab it makes rather tough to get a blood test. I waited for 1.5 hours to just have a bit of blood drawn then found out that it would most likely be another 4 hours (no lie here) for the pharmacy to have it ready. Good times, good job me showing up on a holiday. I returned the next morning to get the shot (at 6:15am) to find out that I had arrived right as the nurses were switching shifts. Shoot me in the head. Everyone was super accommodating and kind but I was totally the hydrant today (refer to title). Being pregnant really does require a lot of effort. Don't even get me started on my hospital time when I had Talia-I mean who doesn't love sharing a room with a girl who who suggests to the nurses to take her in a wheel chair outside to have a smoke? All while I have lost so much blood that I couldn't even walk. Like I said hospitals hate me.

On a happy note: Talia has career plans of "selling money to people" and Tristan's obsession with shoes makes me proud to have son. He is awesome at walking around in my heels and he told me I looked "pretty" yesterday.
Images: 1-My new cut; I don't know why I look so pale, 2-Tristan in his boots, 3-Talia has made her own sandwich (she likes lots of mayo and cheese)