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Monday, November 8, 2010

The Mighty Mighty Bumbo and other Quick Thoughts

I did not keep my resolution to post once a month. What a loser am I? So this will be a hodgepodge because I really did have great ideas for posts but did not get my act together and post them. The following are my post ideas:
1) All my children love(d) the Bumbo. It is such a useful seat to be had by any who desires a seat. It is like the Snuggie for my home. Unfortunately Tyler now hates it as much as Tristan and Talia enjoy playing with. Luckily I was able to only pay $10 for it.
2) The 80's Should Stay in the 80's-Talia's 5th Birthday was Jem inspired (look it up if you don't know what I am talking about). We danced and ate tri-tip, grilled cheese and special sauce.
3) Being Old is like Being Young- I saw this old man picking up trash and thought I so want to be an old person who gets stuff done. You know the stuff that people should be doing but make excuses for. I want to be a positive influence on society by doing the small stuff like taking meticulous care of my flower beds on my huge expanse of property. Or driving to every grandkids moment because I can (shout out to Grandma and Grandpa Nichols).
4) Breakfast of Champions-Okay it was really dinner but Tyler had her first people food and her facial expression were priceless. She has been trying to eat our food for quite some time so she was all about grabbing the spoon and feeding herself. She did not however enjoy the rice cereal and honestly who would? It tastes nasty. I quickly went out and bought some butternut squash and roasted\pureed that for her and I think it is going better.
5)Talia (who last week was requesting I call her by her Native American name Rainbow Breeze Flower) continues her love hate relationship with school, while Tristan can't stop talking about seeing his friends at the bus stop. My favorite question right now from him is "where my friends mommy". At the dinner table we talk about 3 wonderful things that happen to us during the day and Tristan always says "the bus mommy". Gosh he is cute.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Lobster Mac and Cheese and Other Fancy Things

Have you ever read those Fancy Nancy books? If not check them out; if so you will have an almost perfect picture of my daughter Talia. She is my fancy girl and I aspire to be fancy just like her. This past month has been a big one for her and our family. She started kindergarten and even though she said it was only "sort of fun" she made it through the day and I did too.
She is pictured here before leaving to school (brother has his backpack too).
Tristan cried but that is because his favorite person to pick on\play with\follow around would be present in our home only half the time. He has quickly figured out that he gets full run of the TV and selection of Scooby Doo episodes without the helpful hints from Talia and is settling in nicely.Other fancy things that have been occurring include Tristan taking his first ride in a power wheel courtesy of my friend Maren's cool toys. He could not figure out how to make the miniature John Deere Gator reverse so every time he would run into things he would honk the horn and wait for it to move. Patio posts don't move, nor do play structures so it ended up being a funny thing to watch.
Tyler, my darling dragonfly, is just fancy because she is beautiful. She smiles just because which makes life in general seem fancy. She is pictured here in her fancy bathing suit.

We are still working on Jacob being fancy. Talia did tell him yesterday that he wasn't as "pretty as Justin Beiber" so I think he is going to try and up his game.

I feel the fanciest of all because I conquered Lobster Mac and Cheese. We had Wayne and Sheryl over for a late birthday celebration for Wayne and I decided that the Barefoot Contessa couldn't be lying about the deliciousness of this dish. Luckily Candice came to play that day because the start of my day was not going so fancy. I not only forgot my Talia at the bus (it was an early out and I didn't realize it) but I was stung by a bee. Candice's arrival saved me from under destruction; I was able to wipe away my tears and enjoy Sleeping beauty while making chocolate chip cookies. My fanciness reappeared and the dish was completed and let me tell you it was super fancy. We followed it up with homemade ice cream sandwiches and rippeted to bed- all in all a fancy end to a fancy day.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Hip Hip Hooray! The 4th of July!

So the 4th of July was swell. We had hamburgers, homemade ice cream and good times. It was getting rather late for my kids to be up so Jacob took them out front to do fireworks. It wasn't dark yet but we decided to ignore that fact (Jacob had work the next day and I was tired) so we started lighting things. To make the evening more enjoyable Tristan and Talia ran across the lawn, holding hands, over and over again cheering. They also decided to grab the flags that I had stuck in the lawn and were boldly waving their arms back and forth to make our American flags very triumphant.

I wish you all could have witnessed my cute boy Tristan enjoying the fireworks. He was not at all afraid of the sparklers and flung his hand about almost lighting himself and his dad on fire. And once we started lighting the "big" ones he would jump up and down each time and say "Hip, Hip Hooray". Literally his jumps were threefold, each jump occurring in unison with his hip-hip-hooraying. Tristan also had to keep saying, "Look Mommy\Daddy Fireworks!" in his cute voice. He has a hard time pronouncing "Thanks" it sounds like "Hanks" but he can say fireworks perfectly after learning the word 30 seconds before. Tristan's excitement was so great that we brought the kids inside after a bit and bathed them and put Talia to bed and secretly took Tristan back outside so he could watch more fireworks. Our neighbors had begun shooting theirs so he watched those.

Isn't it amazing how our kids can make something so much more fun because of their exuberance?Unfortunately, I was holding Tyler (our new little gal) so no pictures are to be had of the evening. Yeah America!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Tristan and Talia -the update

Well my babies are growing. We have had many adventures over the past month and a half. The best and worst is Tristan moving into Talia's room in preparation for the new baby. Jacob and I check on them each night and both of them end up in the strangest positions. I tried to take a picture one night but they both woke up. One was leaned up against the bed post asleep and the other was totally out of bed but asleep. Those two crazies...

Here are some pictures because all the magical things I had planned to say have left my brain. I blame the pregnancy (3 weeks to go)

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Some Days Your the Dog; Some Days You're the Hydrant-Anonymous

So I have a new hair-do and my sweet daughter told me exactly how she felt about it-"I don't like your hair like that." I felt like I was in the Green Eggs and Ham book. "I will not like you hair here or there, I will not like it anywhere..." what a turd. Sometimes honesty really hurts. On the flip side she is totally wrong my hair looks fabulous. I loved my long hair but did not love the pregnancy long hair that I was sporting. Okay totally off topic but my son is so cute. I had to post this picture just to remind everyone that he is.

I visited a hospital yesterday and today which meant that I was entering the Twilight Zone. I feel as though hospitals hate me. The staff does their best but I always seem to get the rotten end of the stick. I had to get the Rhogam shot but to do so you have to have your blood tested first. The lab lady said come any time so I did. Unfortunately when only one lab person is in the lab it makes rather tough to get a blood test. I waited for 1.5 hours to just have a bit of blood drawn then found out that it would most likely be another 4 hours (no lie here) for the pharmacy to have it ready. Good times, good job me showing up on a holiday. I returned the next morning to get the shot (at 6:15am) to find out that I had arrived right as the nurses were switching shifts. Shoot me in the head. Everyone was super accommodating and kind but I was totally the hydrant today (refer to title). Being pregnant really does require a lot of effort. Don't even get me started on my hospital time when I had Talia-I mean who doesn't love sharing a room with a girl who who suggests to the nurses to take her in a wheel chair outside to have a smoke? All while I have lost so much blood that I couldn't even walk. Like I said hospitals hate me.

On a happy note: Talia has career plans of "selling money to people" and Tristan's obsession with shoes makes me proud to have son. He is awesome at walking around in my heels and he told me I looked "pretty" yesterday.
Images: 1-My new cut; I don't know why I look so pale, 2-Tristan in his boots, 3-Talia has made her own sandwich (she likes lots of mayo and cheese)

Thursday, January 28, 2010

My $50 bills won't fit into my wallet and my diamond shoes are too small!

You know how things seem terrible even when they are actually good? If not maybe you are lucky (or in denial). Either way that pretty much describes my life for the past couple of months. I have been doing my best to get through the first 5 months of pregnancy and depending on who you ask you will most likely get a rating. I literally spent 2 months wandering around not eating, and hoping that Tristan and Talia would forget that I was being a crappy mom. On that note I realize how lucky I am. Even though I have been sicker than a dog (no not morning sickness, all day sickness where even water tastes like something I won't mention) I realize that I am blessed. So lets talk about blessings.
First people who are kind even when I am crazy: Friends and Family you know who you are. Were talking people bringing food, mopping my floors, taking my children so I can sleep, being super nice when I complain too much or am a bit too blunt because I am having a hard time concentrating and so on. Second my children: Tristan and Talia have made me laugh so many times these past few months. Tristan loves to wear hats and wander around the house pretending he is going somewhere. We are talking hats like Talia's newborn cap that barely covers his noggin and makes him look like a Jewish man. He always blows me a kiss, waves and says "Bye". Talia on the other hand (seriously God new I needed comic relief when he sent me her) plays the most outrageous games. Lately, she has been pretending to be a mermaid and will lay on the ground with her ankles crossed because "Ursula" stole her voice and her legs. She flops about trying to move from place to place and even gets tied up in seaweed that I have to untangle her from.
Now there are many other blessings but I don't need to go on for hours, although Jacob is getting really good at ignoring my continued disgust with doing dishes and just unloads and reloads the dishwasher. Basically, we should all reassess and remember that there is always a silver lining and even if nausea rules ones life being unable to eat milk products means I may not gain 60 pounds during this pregnancy. Wouldn't that be awesome?

Side Note: I stole my title from a line in a Friends episode but I think it really eclipses my point.

Side Note 2: Pictures of my children in various activities