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Bakersfield, California
One Jacob and One Nicole plus a Talia, a Tristan and a Tyler

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Tyler's Tricks

Looking back at past posts I realize I haven't done enough justice to Tyler and my blog reporting. The following is my efforts to give props to the girl who has many tricks. One has to watch her very closely to truly grasp her greatness. Below is her best trick, we will call it "Wipe-out" (I am so clever).

She stalks the wipes and if I ever leave them unattended she is all over them. Her second trick is called "find the most unsafe place to start climbing and then climbing it". She decided to crawl up the mini slide we have in our family room. Luckily when she fell backwards she fell on her bum first before her head. Still the kid is 8 months old and made it halfway up the slide. I am just waiting to see what she climbs next. Her third most mentionable trick is crawling. I document it not because it is some astounding trick but because she has been doing it since she was 5 months old so she is really fast and determined. She follows Talia, Tristan and I through our whole house ( and there is a lot of ground to cover) just as fast as she can. Now if I could just get her to stop bumping her head every time she goes and hides under the coffee table she would be bumped to Amazing Status in the baby record books.

Oh and Tristan is still a pirate (he changed the name of the book"The Sailor Dog" to "The Pirate Dog" and each time I say sailor instead of pirate he corrects me) and Talia cries each time that I mention that on Saturday we have to cut her hair (because she doesn't want to look like a boy) and she still loves Justin Bieber. Shoot me in the foot.