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One Jacob and One Nicole plus a Talia, a Tristan and a Tyler

Saturday, June 6, 2009

A new Goal: Make things that taste good and look good

Usually when it comes to baking I head to my mom's house so that she can help me create something that looks beautiful. When it comes to baking I can usually settle for something that tastes delicious even if it isn't pretty. No more. My new career as a full-time mother has changed me and I want my baked items to look pretty. I will, even if I have to cause every one around me to gain 5-10 pounds when I drop off treats at their door.

My first attempt at cake balls on my own went fabulous (others may disagree). I was so excited that I took pictures-hey I am not afraid to celebrate.
P.S. Instead of blogging the past 5 weeks I have been reading silly novels.

Talia sets the World on Fire!

Talia has the best times with all things dangerous. If she is not jumping from high places, she is relating another tale of being tied up and escaping the dragon. I mean she lives such a fast paced life it is incredible that she is related to me. She is pictured below with a Talia size sparkler hijacked from our friends wedding.

Her brother is following in her footsteps. He shakes his baby gate to slowly wedge it apart to make his escape and last week while trying to give me a heart attack he crawled to the pool and got in to the water. He backed up, legs first and even held onto the side dangling in the water (I was trying to give him the fear so he wouldn't be so daring-no such luck). When he let go and tried to walk\swim to me I had to retrieve a floating Tristan. This picture is him recreating the event for the blog picture. Now that I think about it I was nicknamed "Danger" when I was younger so maybe I shouldn't act so incredulous.