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Bakersfield, California
One Jacob and One Nicole plus a Talia, a Tristan and a Tyler

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Television and Games

Most who know my family know that we recently subscribed to cable. I have been boring my parents with my descriptions of these great shows that have been on for a long time that I am just now being made aware of. I can't help it if Dinner-Mission: Impossible it interesting to me. I mean what girl wouldn't want her quincenera cooked to completion in under 7 hours by a man who has never made a cake before. It is entertainment genius. Still to fully understand our family's devotion to the telly I give you exhibit a and b. The front view is the results of a second that Tristan and Jacob turned their eyes away from the television to pretend to want to take a picture. Exhibit B is what they were actually doing. In fact just last night Tristan was nursing and stopped to crane his head around my arm to watch some of "Gary Unmarried".

I really am not that upset about it because Talia and her "Playhouse Disney" + PBS has really advanced her vocabulary. I am extremely amused by the pretend conversations we get to have wherein I am Handy Manny and she is the ice cream lady calling about her broken freezer. In her scripted phone call (she insists on telling me "No you say (whatever it is) and I say this okay?" and then we do it. Tristan even gets to be involved: Talia calls him "The tool" which is a riot because to some that is a derogatory name. "Daddy is a tool" really becomes a giggling moment for Jacob and I -we can't help it.
We do not however only watch TV. Jacob and I are quite adept at playing all manner of games. In the following picture we are showing off our excellent gaming skills after taking over in Cranium on Christmas Day. Jacob is quite good at "silently" drawing. We are working on improving our Nerts skills for the Nichols family reunion and finding new words for Speed Scrabble. I need to get back to studying the "Q" and "X" section of the dictionary to hone my skills for the upcoming game night... so I hope every one's new year is going fabulous and until next time.