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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Talia the Vampire and other Scary Stories

So hey look we are still around. I have tried to peruse other blogs of relatives and although I am not the only one who has been super crappy at updating I still feel the guilt of not completing my goal of blogging regularly. I love looking\reading everyone else's and am not on Facebook enough to keep up with whatever is going on there. I need an outlet that gives me days and even weeks to get to versus the daily check-in. I send this challenge out into the family\friend Cosmo- I miss hearing about your lives please follow my lead and write something new soon. I just read Heidi's blog about her new baby and realized I didn't even remember that she was already due.

Guilt ridden lets begin:
My latest endeavor is to somehow get Talia to want to read. Do you know what it is like to have a child who is so against reading that you are scared that you will never find anyway to connect with her in any areas? I love to read and if we don't have even that in common how will we get through the tweens and teenage horrors that normally occur between mother and daughter? So when my lovely imaginative daughter picked out several books (that her grandmother graciously purchased for her) entitled, "Vampire Weenies" & "My Sister is a Vampire" I thought we must have them. They were from the Book Fair at school so I thought great no problem. Then I start reading Vampire Weenies. It was not funny nor was it anything a little kid (5th grade or below) should be reading. One story was about a ghost who tricks a girl down a hole and causes her death so she can have a ghost friend to talk to. It only got worse from there. Now I have never thrown away a book. I have this standing rule that one must finish a book and all books should be treated with a certain level of respect (we did burn that Judy Blume book at the beach one year but it deserved it); Talia went to take a rest one day and I found the book and threw it away. Great job Mom! I felt very "Footloose" about the whole thing and yet relieved to have it out of my house.

Still Talia has this obsession with vampires. She even plays good and bad vampires. I have told many this story but she was a vampire puppy the other day. She says to me, "I am a vampire puppy. A vegetarian vampire puppy." I look at her waiting for an explanation and of course she continues, " I only eat lions though. And only the daddy ones, not the mommies or the babies." I acted like that was great news and she continued with her game. She is something else.

Tristan and Tyler continue growing. Tristan loves preschool and Tyler grunts a lot to get her voice heard. I have done all I can to teach her some sign language but whenever I sign to her she acts like I am this crazy person. Today she put a plastic container on her head and laughed uproariously for 3 minutes while I tried to get her out of it. She is her own woman is all I can say.

Just to prove my point at the "scary" nature of my children, the pictures at the top are of Crazy man Tristan splashing it up, Talia and Tyler tetter-tottering (notice Tyler's legs, does she have a zest for life or what?) and Talia in yet another outfit of her own design.

I just realized my blog is so on point with October! Man even subconsciously I am able to bring a theme together!