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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Talia's Imagination and Other Information

The Christmas season is here and I finally unpacked my very last "moving in box". I put the finishing pieces on my tree and lit my evergreen candle (I really miss the smell of a real tree). I made shortbread cookies last night with Candice. Tristan helped a little but mostly just tried to maintain control of the cup that Candice was letting him drink water out of. He is a strong old bugger. I have two things to address in this post first is to mention that it is really hard to have traditions once you move away from home and your whole family leaves. Continuing that feel good family feel when it is just little ones (who barely know what is going on) makes the holidays almost a sad time. I did my best to find the present everyone wanted but I think this year for me I have been fighting to not long for silly things like the ugly sweater contest or dumb old Christmas caroling. Please don't get me wrong I have much to be grateful for. I am grateful for my mother-in law for helping me continue my families tradition of matching pajamas for Christmas Eve (and Day). I am even more grateful that my children are happy and healthy. It is so fun to answer Talia's favorite question (no not "Do you want to see my new room?") "What do you want for Christmas?"; although I must say she keeps telling me that I want toys even though I keep answering that I want socks. I am grateful for family in general, I just miss some of the things that Christmas will be lacking this year...

On a totally different note: As we were decorating the tree this year Talia made a new friend out of my tree garland. I would like to introduce you to her cat. In fact she has now taken this cat somewhere that I can't find and now my tree is only half garland and half not. Personally I think it gives it some character. Below is Talia taking her cat for a walk.