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One Jacob and One Nicole plus a Talia, a Tristan and a Tyler

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Justin Bieber is My Hero

A favorite show of mine is Fantasy Factory. Rob had Justin on as a guest star and I couldn't help but think about it and smile because my little girl is a Bieber fan. That show brings such joy to my heart and I will remember to buy my "Do Work" shirt soon but what I loved about the show is its fun loving nature. TV is supposed to be fun and so is life. Don't think me lame (or do) but I hate when my life isn't fun. My kids took showers tonight, racing to the "Baby Baby" song from Justin Bieber and it was so fun. Tristan added more Transformer stickers (they are actually bandaids that he had lined up on his leg and proceeded to transfer to the section of wall just outside the shower-he did the same thing last night) the whole time bebopping to the song. We totally completed showers in 3:43minutes and my kids were di-rrtttyy from the shark game they were playing outside. I also took the kids to Moo Creamery all by myself and only had to ask for help from near by customers one time (I totally lucked out there since my cousin and his kids were there by chance and offered to watch my food because Tristan had to go to the bathroom, which meant we all had to go leaving my delicious sweet potato fries unattended). Short story long-life should be fun. I can remember thinking of ways to make dishes fun or promising my self that when I had a family we were going to make dishes a group activity so that the work didn't seem tedious. I become too bogged down sometimes and am missing life and the goodness it has. Good thing I have kids; they always remind you how fun life can be. I would never have the appreciation that I do for JB if I didn't have a 5 year old daughter who screamed when she heard\sees him and really shouldn't we all have something we get that excited over every time it happens?