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Bakersfield, California
One Jacob and One Nicole plus a Talia, a Tristan and a Tyler

Friday, August 29, 2008

The Many Sides of Talia

Side One: Talia the lovely girl
Side Two: Talia the ballerina almost in flight (on her way from the coffee table to the couch)
Side Three: Talia the Scooby Doo addict (she is watching it while trying to placate me and take a picture- she logs about 15 hours a week if she can talk me into it)
Side Four: Talia the bad listener (she was supposed to be smiling by the tree but instead chooses to sit on my lap and talk about being stuck in the computer)
Side Five: Talia at rest

Tristan Sits Around

So, I never thought I would have a baby who hangs out on the couch at 6 weeeks. I mean good gracious I can sit him down and read a magazine and he will lean on the couch and contemplate life for a good 5 minutes. It really becomes fun when he starts laughing and chattering to me. If he does choose to cry his sister comes and gives him her "soft blanket" which entails her placing the blanket over his entire body. I really think she believes that this will stop his crying and allow here to hear her Scooby Doo "abominable snowman" movie better. It is especially funny when she shooshes him and he doesn't comply and she looks at me like I have brought some insane creature into the house. But the most amazing thing that has happened this week is Tristan is eating every four hours. Now for most people that would mean absolutely nothing, for me and Tristan it means a lifetime of happiness. We really needed some happiness after the Olympics ending...thank goodness for "Up to the Minutes" it always gets us through.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Panero 1 and 2

Our first post ever....
Ahh Friday my favorite day because it means for two days I will have continually interaction with an adult for more than an evening. This is my first official week as a stay at home mom and I must say that I am a bit out of sorts. People call and I really have nothing to relate or discuss aside from what I caught on the "UP to the Minute" news at 3:34 am. Tristan and I do love that program and really who wouldn't.

Here are my accomplishments this week: Cooking Chicken Cordon Bleu and figuring out that Talia was pretending to be "John" not " Leon" from Peter Pan. I mean you would think that her running around in her slippers that my brainiac mind would be able to put it together but alas I seem to have left my mind in my now empty classroom. Still the duck slippers that Talia ran around in and the "We Can Fly" song was worth it.

Tristan is a month old and is enjoying doing push-ups. The biggest problem is dodging his head when he tries to headbut me... more next time.