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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Hip Hip Hooray! The 4th of July!

So the 4th of July was swell. We had hamburgers, homemade ice cream and good times. It was getting rather late for my kids to be up so Jacob took them out front to do fireworks. It wasn't dark yet but we decided to ignore that fact (Jacob had work the next day and I was tired) so we started lighting things. To make the evening more enjoyable Tristan and Talia ran across the lawn, holding hands, over and over again cheering. They also decided to grab the flags that I had stuck in the lawn and were boldly waving their arms back and forth to make our American flags very triumphant.

I wish you all could have witnessed my cute boy Tristan enjoying the fireworks. He was not at all afraid of the sparklers and flung his hand about almost lighting himself and his dad on fire. And once we started lighting the "big" ones he would jump up and down each time and say "Hip, Hip Hooray". Literally his jumps were threefold, each jump occurring in unison with his hip-hip-hooraying. Tristan also had to keep saying, "Look Mommy\Daddy Fireworks!" in his cute voice. He has a hard time pronouncing "Thanks" it sounds like "Hanks" but he can say fireworks perfectly after learning the word 30 seconds before. Tristan's excitement was so great that we brought the kids inside after a bit and bathed them and put Talia to bed and secretly took Tristan back outside so he could watch more fireworks. Our neighbors had begun shooting theirs so he watched those.

Isn't it amazing how our kids can make something so much more fun because of their exuberance?Unfortunately, I was holding Tyler (our new little gal) so no pictures are to be had of the evening. Yeah America!


Amy Coontz said...

Little ones make everything new again! It's the best! Guess I'll have to wait for that til I'm grandma!

Heidi (Todd) Broberg said...

See I take my kids to the movies, but mine have NEVER had homemade ice cream!!!! lol

Miss you!

Abby said...

I want To see Pictures Of The new baby>>> I have Been Checking For Days!!!

Heidi and Rich said...

Your kids are so cute. I can't wait to see more of Tyler. If you ever want to leave the heat for more heat we'd love to have you for a visit!!!